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Winter Wear | If you have any...

Journeyites! I know it’s last minute but we are trying to gather for tonight’s dinner any extra scarves, hats, gloves, coats, sweaters, socks, etc you might...
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Comment from Angel Wiklund:

I have a heart for the homeless. I do shine my light where I can by helping directly or indirectley as you are also helping the homeless Se I would like to donate, So where do you want me to take them to donate?

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Childcare Volunteers

We will be hosting our Community Group Leader Training this year on Sunday September 9th from 12:30pm to 2:15pm. We need volunteers for childcare during this time....
Posted by Andre Coppin in Journey Church
Comment from Heather Gajda:

I can be there.

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If you are a photographer and have a nice professional camera that is good in low light, please consider taking photos during Journey’s Sunday service. Photos needed...
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Comment from Matt Tipton:

Sweet! Me in the sound booth at 9:45 and I can go over a few details about what to shoot and where:) Thanks!

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